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Video Tutorials

How to start a course from WhatsApp?
How to take a course directly from the website?
How to continue a course from where I left off--?

Text Tutorials

To start a new course, simply go to ALL COURSES in the main menu, then choose/ start the course you wish from the selection. 

You will need to login (if you have an account already) or register (if joining this platform for the first time).

After Successfully signing up or in, You will be taken back to the course you selected on the All Courses page and you may begin immediately.

The course that you have already started, will not show up in her “ENROLLED COURSES” list until you have paid the tuition in full.


To continue the same course, Simply log in again to the existing account,


and then to go back to the course that you have already started, simply go to ALL COURSES in the main menu, then select the course again and START COURSE.

The course will take you back to the point where you had left off earlier.

Your MICAD digital certificate is letter-sized ready to print. No resizing necessary.

Send file to a Printery and have then print out digital file on a letter-sized White Cardstock. 

Acceptable Cardstock Types: White Bristol/ Matte/ Glossy

NEVER USE: Parchment or other colored papers of any kind. WHITE CARDSTOCK ONLY!

Taking any course on this platform will give you the ability to pay for courses directly within the course. This will allow the student to continue learning with no further interruptions and certificate will be available for download immediately after successfully completing the course.

TO PAY INSIDE THE COURSE: Go back to the course preview end notice lesson page and..

  1. Click COMPLETE below, then the RIGHT ARROW to go to the next lesson, there will be a popup,
  2. Click on GET COURSE,
  4. FOR PAYPAL PAYMENT: On the checkout page, tap PAYPAL then PURCHASE. This allows you to pay safely using your Debit/Credit card or your own PAYPAL.


Go back to the course preview end notice lesson page and..

  1. Click COMPLETE below, then the RIGHT ARROW to go to the next lesson, there will be a popup,
  2. Click on GET COURSE,
  4. SELECT Offline Payment: On the checkout page, PURCHASE. Then go pay using Banking App, ABM, Lynk, Face-to-Face if available. 


Make sure you are logged in. 

On a Computer or Large Tablet: You will see your user image at the top right hand side of the screen, simply click that image to go to your profile.

On a Mobile Device: You will see your user image at the bottom right hand side of the screen, simply click that image, then click your name that appears at the top of the menu that popped out to go to your profile.

Now you may upload from your gallery/ snap a photo of a clear image of your face using no filters; and also edit and update your entire profile. 

To add your middle name to your certificate, simply edit your profile, then click inside the ‘First Name’ box – where you had your first name already typed in. Add a space after your first name then type in your middle name beside it.

Then be sure to click the save changes button at the end of the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Enrolled Courses page will only show courses that you have paid tuition for, or an administrator have approved you for.

Therefore, if you started a course and read through the content and even did an assessment or two, but have not yet paid then it means you are still in course preview mode. After paying tuition you will be allowed to pickup from wherever you were last at.

The certificate becomes available to you immediately upon completing this course.

NOTE: Only Students who pay or those in special groups will receive certificate.

The requirements may vary from company to company, but all companies will need the candidate to have:

  1. A valid Police Record
  2. Your Birth Paper
  3. Your NIS
  4. Your TRN
  5. Any National ID (Driver’s License/ Voter’s ID/ Passport)

If applying for a security company, you may also be required to gather atleast:

  1. 2 recommendations addressed for PSRA and written by 2 J.Ps who must address the letter to PSRA’s address and should state that they know you for more than 2years.
  2. Atleast 4 to 6 passport sized pictures usually signed by a J.P.


The Private Security Regulation Authority
6th Floor Office Center Building
12 Ocean Boulevard
Kingston Mall


The Private Security Regulation Authority
13 & 15 Bisco Mall
6-8 Union Square
Montego Bay
Saint James

MICAD offers Digital Certificate Technology which is a shareable digital file. 

The digital certificate file produces a regular printout each time you print from it and it allows you to print an unlimited number of the same certificate. This means that you will always have a free MICAD certificate re-print for life. 

You will also always have access to log back into your existing account on which you have completed your course and be able to download and print out your certificate for any course directly from our web platform or the mobile app.

You are now able to print out your MICAD certificate and should now go in search of a Job at any online Job board or walk in and apply at the company you wish to join.

Optionally, you may check with us at MICAD whether we have any openings in the industry you studied for.

Contact Us at our Business WhatsApp at 876-369-6785


That’s normal!

This is called drip content.

It is so that the learner is given access to the entire course in smaller recommended learnable portions and also for the START and END date on the certificate will be more acceptable and appropriate for the entities that will vet your award and your knowledge such a the Licensing Authority (example PSRA or equivalent) and the companies that will require the award.

Time spent in the course is very valuable to your stakeholders among other things.