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Get started with

Industrial Security Training

And for only 2 weeks

Get started with

Industrial Security Training

And for only 2 weeks

Pass Student Testimonials

S. Rankine

"I gave up, I was tired of trying. A friend told me to try MICAD Ltd. And look at me today. Finally! I am glad I did!"

T. Thompson

"MICAD Ltd. came through for me. All my friends knew I always try, Life was so rough unemployed, but after trying MICAD, I am happy today!"

K. Coward

"My Journey just took off thanks to the support of MICAD Ltd. The training is the very best and I am really proud of who I am today!"

H. Lowe

"I made myself so proud, Thanks Mr. Lammie and MICAD Ltd. for my own success story!"

T. Grant

"Getting a job was really really tough, but I then I tried MICAD LTD. and one of the same companies that said No to me previously, took me in and thanks be to God I am earning today. No regrets"

J. Cuthbert

"I knew Mr. Lammie from long time. He has always been a motivating person and truthful. I did the Security Course with MICAD Ltd. and within the same following week I got a call for interview and now I work at the hospital, not far from my home. Training was fun too."

S. Barrett

"I work for my child and mother as my motivation, But I am blessed to have had the help of Mr. Lammie. It was quicker through MICAD Ltd. to get the employment, My security company respect MICAD Ltd by how they talk!"

C. Angus

"Big up to Mr. Lammie everytime, Him look out for everyone of us. No where else does it like MICAD Ltd.!"

D. Russell

"Big Up to the general himself, Mr. Lammie. Plenty youth me know him train and look work for them, and see me here now... Reppin' for MICAD Ltd. any day. Big up!!!"

A. Richards

"MICAD save me and my youth them. It no easy out deh, Thanks everytime Mr. Lammie, your name big a road. I am forever grateful. Big up father God!!!"

L. Lynch

"Gifted. I had literally the best experience in any classroom ever attending MICAD Ltd. I can see my dreams taking shape. My time to shine. Mr. Lammie deserve a worthy mention, he trains like no other. I am truly proud I came. Anyone wishing to take on the training, do not hesitate."

N. Bascoe

"I miss MICAD Ltd training days. Mr. Lammie is not just courteous, he is down to earth and fun. He made training really a place to be for me. He knows what he is delivering and everything he taught I see it in the work today. My God always leads me in the right path. Thanks be to the Most High God."

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