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Thankyou for having interest in our Security Training and Certification services. Below shows our current price listings. Be sure to take note of the promotions we may have from time to time saving you even more.

If you are a company in need of “In-house” Security training please fill out the submission form below to let us know of your needs. (Discounts are offered for over 10 staff to be trained or certified). Be sure to outline for our consideration, the amount of staff your company carries and also the likely turnover time you require the training to be completed by.


Industrial Security Course

$ 18,000

Full Payment

  • One full week training (9am to 5pm)
  • Theory and Self Defense delivered
  • Pay tuition in full and save $3000 before training starts
  • Part payments also accepted for full amount if candidate cannot pay full.

Same Day Certificate Service

$ 12,000

One Time Charge

  • Security Related Exam
  • Served under half hour upon success
  • Must be working with a Security Company
  • Atleast 6 months work experience needed
  • Cash upfront only, no part payment

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