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The value of our MICAD Ltd. Security Certificate

The professional skills training given at MICAD’s Academy and our online platform meets and/or exceed the minimum standard requirement of an International Security Industry (which does not exclude Jamaica – nor any of the participating CARICOM countries), based on the modules explored. These include:

  • Principles of Security (PS)

  • Communication Skills (CS)

  • Self Defence (SD)

  • First Aid (FA)

  • Legal (LG)

  • Protocol/Grooming (PG)

  • Tactical Skills (TS)

  • Fire Fighting (FF)

  • Stress Management (SM)

  • Firearm Introduction & Appreciation Training

The issuing of certificate awards at MICAD Ltd. is treated with supreme regard as it suggests that each recipient/ candidate has a been evaluated as meeting the minimum desired competency.

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