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Online Regular Industrial Security Training Course

Get One (1) Full Month access to our Security course. Take notes, listen audios, watch videos and sit quizzes, pass each quiz at 60% or more, get up to three (3) chances to resit each quiz, and only when complete, pay $12,000 to receive your certificate before the one month runs out. Receive your PSRA-Ready certificate from anywhere in the Island or Worldwide immediately.

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In-Classroom Training

Regular Industrial Security Training Course

Sit this course in our classroom for Five (5) whole days of Theory, Practical Demonstrations, Tactical Baton Defense, and Self Defense. Earn your certificate by Proper Time Management Display, and Proper Work Attitude. Receive certificate after tuition Payment of $14,000 is completed and go get PSRA License and walk into your choice security company.

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Express Certificate Service given only to Experienced Security Officers in the PSRA Database.

Same Day Certificate Express Service

A security related quiz only offered to existing security officers who are either in the PSRA Database or is employed presently with a Security Company. Also extended to men and women who served military or paramilitary and now wish to work in the Security field. The certificate is promptly awarded once we have verified this applicant. Under Twenty (20) Minutes.

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