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Online Regular Industrial Security Training – Short Course

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This Online Industrial Security Course is on promotion. The course is free to take but you are expected to complete your course, pay and collect your certificate before the One (1) month duration has expired. The PSRA-Ready certificate and training price is $18,000, but is now offered for only $14,000. You are saving major with us while gaining valuable growth in knowledge, new expertise and qualification.

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The Online Regular Industrial Security Training Course given by MICAD Limited is very up-to-date and cutting edge. We boast an Online Express Certificate Service (OECS) technology that is unrivaled anywhere in Jamaica, which serves candidates their PSRA-Ready certificates earned through successfully completing this course, directly to them, no matter where in the Island (or world) they are, on the very same day payment is completed. No courier service or post office needed anymore.

It covers all the areas PSRA requires and therefore each candidate can trust that after our training they will be able to achieve PSRA-Ready certificate, licensing with the knowledge gained and apply for an unarmed security job anywhere in the Island of Jamaica with confidence.

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