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How to print your certificate


Please read in order to print your PSRA-Ready Server-Generated certificate correctly.

This print project requires: One (1) letter-sized cardstock; One (1) Color printer (preferably laserjet); (1) Laminating machine and Laminating sheet; One (1) Browser (Chrome, Opera or Torch).

Step 1. Open Chrome, Opera or Torch. These browsers are the best ones to use because of the simplified browser print screen they offer. Firefox and Microsoft Edge (Explorer) both failed. We never tested any other.

Step 2. Enter your username and password (the very same one you used when doing your online course, assuming that you are viewing this webpage on our academy page https://micadonline.com)

Step 3. Click on Profile (in the yellow menu)

Step 4. Scroll down to find and click your certificate link.

Step 5. Wait for the server to generate and validate your certificate. Click the print button.

Step 6. PLEASE DO NOT PRINT YET. Click MORE OPTIONS on the left panel. Important! Paper Size: Letter; Scale: 103. Now you may ensure you have selected the correct machine and other relevant options and Print.

Step 7. Please laminate your certificate for longer life and protection. You may make photocpies at anytime to give to your choice company.

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