HEART TRUST Industrial Security Operations NVQ-J Level 1 – Short Course


Tuition: $26,600 (No promotions offered)

HEART TRUST Industrial Security Operations Level 1 NVQ-J short course must be taken at MICAD Ltd. The Certificate that you will receive from HEART TRUST through this training cannot be accelerated. You must start and end at the duration of the training of about one full (1) month. We at MICAD Limited will be in charge of handling your full training and readiness experience and HEART TRUST will assess and certify each candidate afterwards.

After readiness training is complete at MICAD Limited there is to be a written and “on-the-job” assessment in September 2019 and a short waiting period thereafter to receive the certificate. All candidates must register with at least $8,000. We will then handle your registration at HEART TRUST at a batch level.

Our Registration Deadlines for a full year are November, March, June, and September. Assessments will begin three months after each date. For Example to be in a September Assessment that candidate will need to have applied from June. The time in between Registration and Assessment is the Training and Readiness Period.

Candidates are expected to pay in full or use the payment plan offered below:




First (Enrollment)


    Friday May 24, 2019



    Friday June 14, 2019



    Friday July 05, 2019



    Friday July 26, 2019

This HEART TRUST Industrial Security Operations NVQ Level 1 will begin at MICAD Limited (In-Class Orientation and Online) on Monday, June 10, 2019.  The Registration fee is already a part of the full tuition.

Each candidate may pay in full or benefit from part payment options available. NO STANDARD UNIFORM WILL BE ENFORCED, However, All must be appropriately dressed at all times while in the classroom. No informal dressing which highlights cleavages and/or brings attention to any part of the body is allowed.

We stress professional conduct and dress at all times. Projects, Group Assignments, In-class practicals, and mock examinations are to be expected. Candidates are required to show up to take part in the activities to be able to move on to another module. Learners will not be allowed to force or cause a “re-run” of any missed session. Session are held every tuesday evening from 5pm till 8pm.



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