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February's Batch of Security Officers in Training

The Meritorious Institute of Continuing Academic Development (MICAD) Ltd. has successfully launch its first Industrial Security Professional Training Certificate course on Monday, February 13, 2017. The course runs for two (2) weeks and the cohorts involved settled in nicely to get started dressed in the academy’s white top and black bottom uniform.
This aspiring and very promising batch of Security Officers (listed in no particular order) are: S/O-in-training Shanice Mitchell, Trisann Arthurs, Sedeanea Downer, Rushell Brown, Maxine Henry, Jesse James and Brandon Reid.
The course promises to touch everything from the principles of security and personal hygiene to safe encounter and baton techniques. The group shows excitement and willingness to learn, a trait shared by successful people everywhere. This is excellent as the direction we are moving toward for the security industry is a fully trained and very professional security industrial workforce, and a key-ingredient for that is the ‘officers’ willingness to adapt to a climate change in behavior and values becoming of great customer service experts.
MICAD Ltd. believes that these seven (7) individuals has the potentials for greatness and will do any hiring company proud to have them. We also promise to utilize the slim Eighty-hours (80hrs) allotted to us, to impart as much as possible, the very best motivation and direction possible. The course is a pre-requisite for entering the security industry as a certified professional and we ensure persons get the idea that its is absolutely necessary to treat the job and uniform as one would treat a career – it should be since we have people spending 20 years of their lives in it. We would like to thank this group for giving MICAD Ltd. the first choice in helping to “Empower them on their upward Journey”; friends and family of the batch are also thanked for their encouragement to these.
September 1, 2020

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