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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the regular training last for?

Our Security Training course lasts for one (1) week. Usually Monday to Friday.

What is the duration of each class?

The class begins at 9am sharp each training day and usually ends at 5pm.

Can we get our certificate and once start working, we pay?

Unfortunately, we do not allow for that service anymore. The current policy only allows us to grant the certificate once all payments are complete.

Explain the money-back promotion.

Candidate MUST pay all of the tuition in cash before the training begins to receive a $3,000 money-back savings on the $18,000 fee.

This also means that if the candidate shows up on the first day of training for the first time and pays cash, they automatically become eligible and is refunded $3,000 immediately upon acceptance of their application and enrollment.

Are you legal with PSRA?

MICAD Limited is very legitimate and up to date with our standings with the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA). Simply ask them about our trainer Alexander Lammie to verify for yourself if our certificates are legal.

What do we get after training is completed?

MICAD Ltd is responsible for your training and certificate only. However, once there are Security companies asking us for our past recruits we ensure to give the opportunities to the ones who are ready and waiting for employment – free.

How does the Same Day Certificate work?

To be eligible, the Security Officer MUST have no less than 6-months experience in the Security industry and is currently employed to a Security Company; Alternately once they have a PSRA license they will be served.

The candidate is given a short 20-question security related multiple choice test to complete, as soon as the test is completed and 60% or more has been achieved, the certificate is then paid for and issued.

How long does the Same Day Certificate take?

Usually under five minutes, depending on how quickly the candidate finishes their examination and is successful.

Do I need to attend more than one assessment day?


We do the same application process on all Assessment Days, therefore you only need to attend any one prior to your training if you chose not to apply online.

How much is the tuition?

Our tuition is $18,000, for the one week of training.

Do you accept part payments?

We will allow $2,000 for registration); $5,000 for enrollment and candidates then pay the balance as they can.

Is there a uniform?


Females may wear white blouse and black pants/ skirt.

Males may wear white shirt and black pants. Polo and other plain white T-shirts are also allowed for both sexes.

Do I have to come to the Assessment Days?


Alternatively, candidates may apply online at www.micadonline.com/apply and/ or also pay at the bank (may pay in office upon first class day). Our account information may be found on that same page.

Do you run training every week?


Training is every other week. There is always a week break between the training weeks. This ‘off week’ is for the intake and assessment of candidates for the next batch.

How will you know when we pay at the bank?

After the successful payment at the bank, the candidate will then send us a picture of the receipt via whatsapp and/ or call us for us to be immediately notified.

We then check our accounts and once everything matches, we proceed by creating the candidate’s account with us and then inform of the batch and start date of the training paid for.

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