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Course Curriculum

1.0 Monday - Introduction
1.1 Introduction 2 days
2.0 The PSRA Lesson
2.1 Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) 00:20:00
3.0 Principles of Security (PS)
3.1 Evolution of the Private Security Industry 01:00:00
3.2 Roles and Functions of the Security Guard 02:00:00
3.3 Principles of Security 02:00:00
3.4 Access Control 02:00:00
3.5 Search Procedures 02:00:00
3.6 Record Keeping 00:00:00
3.7 Handing and Taking Over Procedures 00:00:00
3.8 Code of Ethics 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Principles of Security 00:20:00
4.0 Communication Skills (CS)
4.1 Report Writing 00:00:00
4.2 Role of Communication 00:00:00
4.3 Types of Communication 00:00:00
4.4 Oral Communication 00:00:00
4.5 Telephone Etiquette 00:00:00
4.6 Radio Voice Procedure 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Communication Skills 00:20:00
5.0 Local Knowledge & Current Affairs
5.1 Local Knowledge 00:00:00
Local Knowledge Test 01:00:00
6.0 Tuesday - First Aid
6.1 Principles of First Aid 00:00:00
6.2 Basic First Aid 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – First Aid 00:20:00
7.0 Fire Fighting (FF)
7.1 Fire Precaution & Fire Fighting Equipment 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Fire Fighting (FF) 00:20:00
8.0 Stress Management (SM)
8.1 How to control stress levels 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Stress Management (SM) 00:20:00
9.0 Wednesday - Protocol/ Grooming
9.1 Deportment 00:00:00
9.2 Personal Hygiene 00:00:00
9.3 Qualities of a good Guard 00:00:00
9.4 Professional Manners 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Protocol/Grooming 00:20:00
10.0 Mock Interview (MI)
10.1 Mock Interview (MI) 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Mock Interview 00:20:00
11.0 Tactical Skills (TS)
11.1 Manning a Control Point 00:00:00
11.2 Crowd Control 00:00:00
11.3 Emergency Procedure Drills 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Tactical Skills (TS) 00:20:00
12.0 Thursday - Legal (LG)
12.1 Crime and Criminal Terminology 00:00:00
12.2 The Legal Powers of a Security Guard 00:00:00
12.3 Preparation of Statements 00:00:00
12.4 Use of Force 00:00:00
12.5 Interfacing with the JCF/JDF 00:00:00
12.6 Crime/Incident Scene 00:00:00
12.7 Court Appearances 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Legal 00:20:00
13.0 Self Defense (SD)
13.1 Safe Encounter 00:00:00
13.2 Use of the Baton 00:00:00
13.3 Practical Exercise 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Self Defense (SD) 00:20:00
14.0 Written Assignment
14.1 Report Writing Assignment – In Course 24 hours
14.2 Recap Lesson 24 hours
15.0 Friday's Final Quiz
In-Course Quiz – FINAL QUIZ 01:00:00

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  1. Jostina johnson


    I think the course was great good experience and a great trainer

  2. Moesha


    The training was awesome and so was the trainer he took the time out to ensure everybody grasp the concept and was all excelling at the same level he never left out anyone not even the slow he took time with everybody and I admire and love that not too many people are like that so we got to appreciate the few we have so I would recommend any and everybody to Micad it’s truthfully an amazing experience.

  3. Satrick baker


    My course was enjoying,fun,vibrant while at the same time I am learning and passing all my test and trained effectively

  4. Jeroney Walters


    The course was a wonderful experience. My trainer Mr Lammie his a great teacher and alot of fun. I really enjoy it.

  5. fitzroy brown


    it teach me alot the two weeks am here my trainer is very edifying and concise.

  6. Yanique saddler


    This course was extremely great it teaches me alot I spent one week in class and trust me it worth while oh and Mr.Lammie he is a good trainer indeed he is.

  7. Anna-kay gray


    Micad limited was the best choice I had ever made I have learned a lot if important stuff security that I didn’t know,like how to be a good security officer,his to carry out duties and what a security grauds stands for.going to micad limited as trained me to be a more opened mind person and more confident in every aspect of my life

  8. Odane bascoe


    Micad is a perfect oppertunity for recults . i learn learn alot in one week thank you so much to mr & and mis lammie you guys doing a great job thank you again

  9. Syvon Sawyers


    This course was wonderful. I was probably the slowest student mr., Lammie ever have to deal with. It take me very long to finish but Mr. or Mrs. Lammie believe in me. Things better now because of them. Thanks

  10. Michelle


    I enjoy my course at Micad security company the environment is friendly comfortable . Mr.Lammie is very patient he thinks of is student best interest very understanding he teaches well I didn’t know anything about security but now have learn at I couldn’t have made a better choice

  11. Shantel Geddes


    The security course was excellent and fun. I really learnt a lot in one week and I think that this is one of my greatest accomplishment I have made. I want to thank Mr. Lammie for his service.

  12. Keio Morris


    The best class ever💯. My experience was full filling the teachers made it clear an understanding in every lessons. I learn a lot in just a week and was worth every second. Wanna give a big shoutout and a massive thank you to Mr an Mrs Lammie 👍🏽Keep up the good work 💯

  13. Osomo mitchell


    Training at MICAD LIMITED is great and helpfull. This training gives us the opportunity to learn to the best of our ability.MICAD LIMITED is the source of elevation.

  14. Sachin Kennedy


    the course was a great experience mr Lammie great teacher had fun while learning best choice i made was attending micad limited my aim now is to make myself and micad security institute proud!!!



    It was a great class .
    I enjoy my training…. It was great meeting new people…. Thanks Mr Alexander Lammie and Mrs. Lammie. Best experience of my life in any school ever.


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