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Online Industrial Security Training

4.9( 19 REVIEWS )

Recruit are required to complete all units within Course

Excellent and Cutting Edge! Very modern information.

If you must step away from the course for more than five minutes, you may be required to login again to continue.

Please wait until your submissions are complete before you skip away or turn off the screen. Candidates may submit all quizzes once done. No need to save your quizzes. 

You should expect to do over thirteen (13) Quizzes, so right after the first quiz, please keep going forward.   


Course Reviews


19 ratings
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  1. Rochelle Britton


    This has been a great and affordable course i learned so much i felt like i was actually in class room,its not often that one finds an online course this great. I recommend this course it was worth my money and time.

  2. 4

    Thank you so much. I’ve learned alot couldn’t have done this without your help Mr. Lammie

  3. Simmone Sommerville-Thomas


    This course really is the best I have ever done. It is really well put together. I love this training so much. Your company is the best company and Iearned a lot. I am going to continue study. I really recommend it to everyone not just any but all.

  4. 5

    Thanks to you sir I have learned alot!!!!A big thank you again

  5. Makedah Smith


    Thank you so much sir. I’ve learn a lot and I want to thank you for this great opportunity.

  6. Chajhannea Davis


    This was wonderful , very informative thank you so much sir I learn alot. Thank you

  7. Nicole Mayne


    This course is not just the best but excellent and well put together. Thank you so much Mr. Lammie for this great opportunity. I learn alot in this course and I would recommend to everyone who are interesting to apply in this training course.

  8. 5

    Good evening,this course was very educated and precise, my main area of interest was law because of my pursuit. I will recommend this training to anyone would like an introduction to security do and don’t.

  9. 5

    First of all I would like to thank the holy ghost who’s the head of my life and the one who made all this possible, secondly I’d like to say a big thank you to Mr. Lammie who shaped my thinking and gave me a better understanding of this course and also for guiding me throughout it,,,, You did a phenomenal job by coming up with this idea,, Continue to be great. I have to say I’ve learnt so much from this experience and I will continue to go further by the help of god I’m so proud of myself,,, Thank you again Sir.

  10. 5

    I want to thank god to bring me thus far and for hearing me in this direction and i want to thank the entire micadoline team for helping and sharing their knowledge with me its greatly appreciated.. I must say this is a great course and would recommend it to anyone anyday and a big thanks to mr lammy who helped me in understanding.. Just want to thank y’all..

  11. 5

    Thank you Mr Alexander C. Lammie for guiding me through this process i really do learn alot, it feels as if i was in school again, i must say this journey was very tremendous, I have learnt alot, I must say a big Thank You for your support.

  12. The training I have received


    I must say thank to Mr Alexander C Lammie I have learn so much thump up to you sir the experience was mind blowing.

  13. one line industrial training


    well it was a great pleasure doing this training and I thank out trainer for this effort to guide us on the way true thanks again

  14. Micad online training


    The process so far has been going great , very informative ……wonderful responses to any queries its really amazing ….thought im coming to the end its a coarse, not only will i recommend but also give a whole lot of thanks to in preparing me for the world of security

  15. 5

    First of all i want to thank the lord for giving me this opportunity it really felt like i was at school again even tho my brain is a little rusty😁. Thank you mr lammie for guiding me all the way your a brilliant teacher keep up the good work

  16. 5

    Very profound and quiet interesting felt as if I was actually in class. Learnt quiet alot and alot brought back to memory.

  17. Richard Thompson


    Best course ever much thanks

  18. 5

    Honestly, this online course is amazing. I can take my time to study, I can always restart the video or pause to make notes and that is just beyond exceptional! The information given are so on point and 100% factual. I enjoyed the training very much and recommend this Training Institute to anyone who wishes to be a part of a security company.

  19. Informative test


    It was ok informative was difficult sometimes but was very educational



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