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Course Curriculum

Introduction and Walkthrough
Introduction 2 days
The PSRA Lesson
Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) 00:00:00
Mock Interview (MI) 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) 00:20:00
Principles of Security (PS)
Evolution of the Private Security Industry 01:00:00
Roles and Functions of the Security Guard 02:00:00
Principles of Security 02:00:00
Access Control 02:00:00
Search Procedures 02:00:00
Record Keeping 00:00:00
Handing and Taking Over Procedures 00:00:00
Code of Ethics 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Principles of Security 00:20:00
Communication Skills (CS)
Role of Communication 00:00:00
Types of Communication 00:00:00
Report Writing 00:00:00
Oral Communication 00:00:00
Telephone Etiquette 00:00:00
Radio Voice Procedure 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Communication Skills 00:20:00
Self Defense (SD)
Safe Encounter 00:00:00
Use of the Baton 00:00:00
Practical Exercise 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Self Defense (SD) 00:20:00
First Aid (FA)
Principles of First Aid 00:00:00
Basic First Aid 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – First Aid 00:20:00
Legal (LG)
Crime and Criminal Terminology 00:00:00
The Legal Powers of a Security Guard 00:00:00
Preparation of Statements 00:00:00
Use of Force 00:00:00
Interfacing with the JCF/JDF 00:00:00
Crime/Incident Scene 00:00:00
Court Appearances 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Legal 00:20:00
Protocol/ Grooming (PG)
Deportment 00:00:00
Personal Hygiene 00:00:00
Qualities of a good Guard 00:00:00
Professional Manners 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Protocol/Grooming 00:20:00
Tactical Skills (TS)
Manning a Control Point 00:00:00
Crowd Control 00:00:00
Emergency Procedure Drills 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Tactical Skills (TS) 00:20:00
Fire Fighting (FF)
Fire Precaution & Fire Fighting Equipment 00:00:00
Fire Fighting Equipment 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Fire Fighting (FF) 00:20:00
Stress Management (SM)
How to control stress levels 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Stress Management (SM) 00:20:00
In-Course Quiz – FINAL QUIZ 01:00:00

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