Batch of March 2017

It began for the March Cohort on Monday March 06, 2017, when Security officers in training Laironique Williams, Nicola Webb, Melisha Brown. Kerrone Clarke and Duane Samuels enrolled for what would be an exciting next two weeks of their lives training to become a professional security officer. They were later joined on Thursday March 09, 2017 by security officer in training Camille Tracey all from in and around the parish of St. Ann. Although miss Camille Tracey started late, three days into the training, she showed much promise and quickly caught up with the group in academic requirements.

The group adhered for the most part to the tenets of our ‘Classroom rules’ such as coming to class on-time, wearing the appropriate uniform and being attentive to materials being presented: making them a promising group to be inputted into the society of professional security officers, especially since these adapted well to the Basic Self Defense/ Tactical Skills taught them as a part of the course.

The group quickly excelled at the areas such as Communication and Report Writing skills and I believe cant wait to demonstrate and sharpen their expertise in the field making them an asset to the hiring company.

March 11, 2017

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