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Batch February 2017 – Basic Training Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, February 24, 2017. Recruits in training: Sedeanea Downer, Tris-Ann Arthurs, Rushell Brown, Maxine Henry, Shanice Mitchell, Jesse James and Brandon Reid became full fledged certified security officers ready to be hired into the Jamaican workforce as professionals.

Their areas of training covered all aspect of the Basic Security cognitive domain and explored even self defense and tactical maneuvering techniques over in the kinetic/ pshychomotor domain.

MICAD Limited is really proud to have worked with this batch of trainees as at each hurdle of the way they showed adaptation to the material and answered the call on every challenge thrown at them showing tenacity and aptitude for the career field they embark on. Each will now go and get themselves licensed with PSRA. The company was also able to place each of them in a security company for an interview which determines their next step.

We continue to open or training to willing and committed young men and women ready to take their place in the working society of Industrial Security and make an exceptional difference each day as they work among customers and client and the general public represent well their company.

February 24, 2017

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