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MICAD is an education institute registered as the Meritorious Institute of Continuing Academic Development (MICAD) Limited, and is accredited and poised to offer solid Industrial Security Training and other educational trainings. We aim to meet and exceed the minimum requirements and standards of Training, Assessment, and Certification.


With a steady vision of "Empowering Your Upward Journey", we are focused on delivering valuable information in a meaningful and interactive way, to play our part in certifying the youth we serve, molding minds and moral fiber, hence, the upgrading of Jamaica’s position and standard of professionalism in the industrial workforce in Jamaica and worldwide.


The Meritorious Institute of Continuing Academic Development (MICAD) Limited was founded on January 05, 2017, by Alexander and Tasha Lammie. A couple who strongly believes in serving their community. Alexander served as the head trainer, with his years of Law Enforcement expertise, where he served Jamaica in his capacity as a Police Officer (and constabulary force trainer) and exited the Police force to give full-time effort in delivering well needed professional security training courses to applicants joining the Industry of security. His wife Tasha, a teacher by profession and years of experience, and a secretary to the education company helped to develop some of the course materials used to this day in the current Industrial Security curriculum responsible for so many passed students who regard MICAD Limited as more than just a training school.


MICAD Limited entered the scene as an answer to some ridiculously overpriced courses that existed for the Industrial Security Training Course and still so even now. Boasting the most affordable training school, MICAD Limited continues to offer more than a price and a certificate, But an unforgettable experience to all we serve. Therefore, MICAD Prides itself highly in its continued delivery of excellent, most-affordable, and transparent education offerings proved by the overwhelming responses of our valued participants who we gratefully and humbly serve. We believe in people and the power of people. Ever since our inception, every session continues to be delivered with motivation and people empowerment in mind. We are aware and is a full-time proponent of the fact that 'as a people united, we will achieve greatness' for this country and for all who will walk the path we carve today.