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Basic Training Course for Unarmed Private Security.

The Security Industry is fast becoming revolutionized in meeting up with the world standards in how private security is handled in Jamaica. Security Officers are no longer unintelligent men and women who can’t handle reading and writing well. Many who are joining now have qualifications to fit them anywhere for the workforce. The certificate gained here is no less an achievement in their stride for excellence with great reflection on the direction of growth and development in the education of our Country.

It is now mandatory by law that if anyone will hold a position in this private security sector, proper professional training must first be gained and a certificate be granted to such entrant into the industry.

Course Curriculum

Principles of Security (PS)
Evolution of the Private Security Industry 00:00:00
Roles and Functions of the Security Guard 00:00:00
Principles of Security 00:00:00
Access Control 00:00:00
Search Procedures 00:00:00
Record Keeping 00:00:00
Code of Ethics 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Principles of Security 00:00:00
Communication Skills (CS)
Role of Communication 00:00:00
Types of Communication 00:00:00
Report Writing 00:00:00
Oral Communication 00:00:00
Telephone Etiquette 00:00:00
Radio Voice Procedure 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Communication Skills 00:00:00
Self Defence (SD)
Use of the Baton 00:00:00
Practical Exercise 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Self Defense (SD) 00:00:00
First Aid (FA)
Principles of First Aid 00:00:00
Basic First Aid 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – First Aid 00:00:00
Legal (LG)
Crime and Criminal Terminology 00:00:00
The Legal Powers of a Security Guard 00:00:00
Preparation of Statements 00:00:00
Use of Force 00:00:00
Interfacing with the JCF/JDF 00:00:00
Crime/Incident Scene 00:00:00
Court Appearances 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Legal 00:00:00
Protocol/Grooming (PG)
Deportment 00:00:00
Personal Hygiene 00:00:00
Qualities of a good Guard 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Protocol/Grooming 00:00:00
Tactical Skills (TS)
Manning a Control Point 00:00:00
Crowd Control 00:00:00
Emergency Procedure Drills 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Tactical Skills (TS) 00:00:00
Fire Fighting (FF)
Fire Precaution 00:00:00
Fire Fighting Equipment 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Fire Fighting (FF) 00:00:00
Stress Management (SM)
How to control stress levels 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Stress Management (SM) 00:00:00
Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – Private Security Regulation Authority (PSRA) 00:00:00
In-Course Quiz – FINAL QUIZ 00:00:00

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